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Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Reviews | 0 comments

Review: Google Music

After yesterday’s post I almost feel obliged to discuss Google Music. It’s one of the few areas where Google has tried to get involved and actually “got it right.” I mean, how many different products does Google try to get involved in, and end up poorly supporting or dropping altogether? Maybe they’re just fans of crowd-sourcing?

Whatever the case may be, it seems that Google has narrowed it’s focus a little in order to try to deliver products that are a little more polished than they usually end up being. This time they got it right, yet not many people seem to be aware of what Google Music is truly capable of. Let’s explore that a little, shall we?


  • Upload 20,000 songs to Google Music for FREE.
  • Don’t worry about DRM on the music that you upload. You can upload any music you’ve… acquired.
  • Stream music to your phone or desktop.
  • Make songs available offline for when you’re not near a WiFi or Data connection.

Everyone reading this has used Pandora before, right? No? Here’s a quick rundown: Pandora is an app that streams music through your phone (or desktop, whatever–we’re talking about apps from here on out though). You thumbs up or down songs you like/dislike and it will try to play songs that it thinks you’ll enjoy. You can’t upload your own songs, and you can’t listen to it offline.

Google Music allows you to upload up to 20,000 songs for free from your computer (regardless of where you got them from–even iTunes–so don’t worry). Now you’re free to delete those songs from your computer; reclaim that hard drive space–it doesn’t need to be used for music anymore! Now you can use that space for storing your entire 715 episode collection of Power Rangers, or something else, right?

Yeah… anyways, you can easily create, modify, and remove playlists through your web browser, or the app on your phone–your call, chief. Should you decide you want to download all your music back to your computer, you’re able to do that, too. If you choose to buy songs through Google Music, they will not count towards your 20,000 songs, and as an added bonus, you can share the full version of any of those songs with your friends. Never again will you have to sync with your computer; the only syncing you’ll ever do is uploading your entire music collection from your PC to Google.

So now that you’ve freed up space from computer, make sure you’ve liberated your phone as well. No longer shall you be ashamed of a phone with only 16GB of space! Just stream it baby.

“Well Dave, that’s great; what if I want to listen to my songs and I don’t have a data connection on my phone, or I’m not able to access WiFi? What if I’m getting on a plane and I want to keep listening to my music?”

Simple my friend! You can tag any song or playlist as “Available Offline” and it will be downloaded to your device, easy as that. Whenever I’m at home I enable WiFi on my phone and let Google Music download any songs I’ve marked this way, so that I’m not using my data connection to do it. Like I said before: Google Music is one of the few “new” products Google has put out that is incredibly well done. I’m really surprised that it hasn’t caught on faster; maybe because the beta was riddled with bugs? Regardless, I haven’t encountered any problems with it since I started using it back in January of this year.

I just have one problem with Google Music–Google Listen hasn’t yet been abolished as the buggy piece of unsupported garbage that it is and had it’s podcast functionality merged into Google Music. Why not, Google? Does this not make sense to you?!

Anyways, give it a shot; it’s available for Android on Google Play. Hopefully Google will bring official support for Google Music over to the iPhone, but until they do, you can use GoMusic–a third party app that seems to be well-supported. You can also access the service via

As always, sound off in the comments if you’ve got one!

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