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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in How Tos, Top Posts | 1 comment

Password Security: Protect Yourself from Account Compromises

Using strong, unique passwords across each of your online accounts is important. Really important. But you should already know that; I mean, you wouldn’t use the same key that you use to unlock your car that you would to open the front-door to your home or office, would you? Can we agree that, that would be pretty stupid? Yeah? So then why would you use your e-mail password for your online bank account? Each and every day, hackers are constantly trying to find security vulnerabilities in websites that they can exploit in order to gain access to your account, and even sites like LinkedIn can fall victim to these attacks. So, my question to you is this: if your Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail password was leaked today, would your other accounts still be safe? How about your bank account? Or PayPal? Rest assured that every single password that gets leaked will be among the first ones used when someone tries to brute-force their way into your account. At this...

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